Partition Help

Hi, I decided i wanted to free up some space to give back to the windows partition so i could run some programs not compatible with wine. I freed up 40gb through the live cd and i cant add it to my c:\ either through windoze or the live cd. Any ideas?


Pmagic. down load it burn an iso disk.

Problem is we don’t know the layout. To add space to a partition the new area MUST be at the end of the partition you are adding to.

show use

fdisk -l

If the space is not continues you could format it NTFS and it should show in Windows as drive D:

If the space freed is not directly adjacent to the c: drive, or the space freed is in extended partition, then you will not be able to add it to c: BUT …
You can make the partition available as a shared drive or private drive under windose. Use Yast to grab the free space and assign it as fat32 or NTFS but don’t format it. Go into windose and use the partition manager to grab the free partition and format it. Windose will assign a new drive letter d: or e: depending on what other drives are in the system. Then when you install programs in windows and it tries to place them into c: choose ‘new location’ and make it the drive you created.

You can manipulate the partitions with Gparted and move the free space so it is adjacent to the C drive and then expand the c drive to encompass that free space.

The degree of complexity depends on the partition setup. So what about you post a screenshot of the drive as presently viewed in Gparted and we can tell you the moves necessary to achieve your goal.

To add to this, Gparted is on the PartedMagic disk already mentioned Downloads

You could also use this to give the “fdisk -l” output asked for, just open a terminal and type the command.