Partition help!

Well I blew a fuse and the computer shut down in the middle of partitioning. It says i need to “repair” the partition. What should I do? (Uses ubuntu for now)

Need more info. What stage was the power outage during? (invest in a UPS). Can you read any of the partitions at all from YaST?

It was begining to partition. Yes, I can read the partiton. But the one which has enough space for SUSE is the one that it can’t read.

if you have not installed anything, you can simply destroy that partition and start again. Repartition the unallocated space and create your file system(s). You may want to consider using volume groups at this point. This will let you not only make better use of your space and expand things easily, but migrate to another drive at some point.

Just a word of caution. Do not put /boot on the volume group, as that will not work. Save about 50-100MB for /boot.

The partition didn’t finish. Ad when i try to repartiion it says in need to repair the partition i am partitning

It won’t let you delete the partition outright? That does not sound right.

Well I don’t know if it was even made. My computer just shut off 5 miniutes in at 0%. when i try to partition the big parttion it says i need to reapir the partition i’m partitning.

does it give you any options for repair?

No. It just says I need to repair it before partitning.

are you doing this in expert mode? I would try going to expert mode if you can.

If the partition is, say, sdax in Ubuntu, try this command in Gnome terminal:

sudo fsck -V -a /dev/sdax

-a is for automatically repair
-V is for giving verbose info on what’s happening

That might unclog the situation.

would you need to fsck a partition without a file system?

The best is as you suggested, delete whatever the Suse installer created and start again. But OP seems resistant to that. Or OP’s O/S is resistant to deleting, so repair and then delete I was thinking.

Afterthought: Lead the way on how to delete a damaged partition using Ubuntu, by all means, the better option.

How would I do that?

To delete a partition in Ubuntu, here’s my guess without booting it up, open the Gnome terminal and enter:

 sudo gparted

Ordinarily: Right-click on the partition and select Delete. Then click Apply
But: If the partition you want to delete has a locked-key icon, it’s probably mounted and is therefore in use. Think twice about what it might be being used for. If you wish you can select to Unmount, then select to Delete.

Thanks! :slight_smile: Also if I were to make a partition with gparted and leave it blank could I just put openSUSE in that partition and skip it’s partitioning part of the install?

Yes, but make sure the installer uses the partition you made, instead of bypassing it – and if you want home and root partitions separated, you’d need to do a bit more.