Partition faild

i have a big problem!
when i wanted to install open suse . i chose 115GB for windows and 200 for SUSE but when it made the partition it says error partition… (i forgot the rest), so SUSE is not installed!! . in fact something went wrong so i “went” back to windows and when i saw my hard drive there were only 115GB ( it should be 320 ) and there wasn’t a linux partition, is the memory away?? can i reset that and what is going on there.
i want my memory back!!

What does memory have to with this?
Your drive is still 320GB you just messed up with the partitioning. Use a utility disk like Parted Magic: Downloads - Parted Magic
You can do all you need with that.

A few questions first.

Have you backed up everything you don’t want to lose?
Did you defrag the windows drive before you resized the windows partition?
Do you still want to install openSUSE? If so, are you happy with your windows partition being 115GB?

OK, this is based on XP so if you have Vista it may be different.

If you go Start>Run>diskmgmt.msc it will open Disk Management and it will look something like this](

I’m guessing you’ll have a 115GB(system) primary partition and 200GB will be unallocated.

I also assume windows appears to be running without any problems. In any case I’d run check disk without any of the repair options selected as it’s quicker and will report any problems. You do this by opening My Computer and right clicking on the drive and under the tools tab is Error-checking. Also, if you didn’t defrag before, I’d do this too after the error checking is complete and any errors fixed.

Once you’ve done this we can try to help you either install openSUSE or restore your drive to a single windows partition.

caf4926, RAM is not the only type of memory in a computer! A hard drive is also a type of memory, as is any medium that stores data. Whether that be, RAM, ROM, hard drive or even a punch card, it’s all a type of memory. :slight_smile:

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