partition "entirely below 120GB"


I’m trying to install 11.3 over an existing linux partition on a dual-boot. At the screen after selecting partitions I see a message “bootloader will be installed on a partition not entirely below 120GB - may not boot properly”

I’ve installed to this partition before (100GB of a 500GB disk) and never seen that message, it’s putting me off a bit!

Could someone explain that message to me, please?

Many thanks

Dave S

Older BIOSes could not access boot files above 120GB, looks like you have one of those. See here for a starting point for your investigations:

ATA-5 Capacity Limit . . .

Perhaps it’s a matter of using LBA in your BIOS settings.

I got that message too when I realised there was no point putting “/” and “/home” on separate partitions and just created one big partition.
The solution for me was to put “/boot” on it’s own small (1 Gb) partition - of which it’s only using 75Mb.

Your first line may be true to you, but the general consensus here is that there are points in having a separate /home partition. As I do not see what not making a /home partition has to with your real solution (making a small partition for /boot below the 120 GB boundary), I do not see why you advertise something that most of us would not support.