Partition editing led to Suse not seeing other linux installs

I just installed the latest Suse, and unfortunately it did not pick up two other linux installations on the hard drive. I think it’s because prior to the install I had moved and resized the partitions. I did not do a sector-by-sector move, and I think in so-doing I lost the partition boot records, so Suse had nothing to pick up on?

Three questions:

  • Is that correct?
  • If so, what should I have done after amending the partitions?
  • What can I do about the situation now?

The other two installs are Puppy and Fedora, both of which, I think, also use Grub.


To add other Linux kernel entries to openSUSE’s Grub menu, you can install and run updategrub as described here: updategrub for openSUSE Legacy Grub (not update-grub!). (I updated os-prober today. So please report if it works … or not).

Further, I suggest reinstalling Grub under Fedora and Puppy in each OS root partition, so that you will be able to chainload their Grub as well (it won’t probably work until you reinstall Grub, as you said that you moved partitions).

And saying “the latest Suse” is not very helpfull. When next year peole arive at this thread via e.g. a Google search, they will not know what you have. I hope you yourelf know it. When yes, the typeing nn.m is shorter and fatser and more infomative then what you typed. When you forgot …, well there is

cat /etc/SuSE-release

Also your story about what you did to the partitions is very vague imho. When you created a new partition table without saving the underlying data first, most probably everything is lost. When you used some high level tool that not only changes your partition table, but is also able to change size and do moves of the file systems on the partitions, then it is possible that everything is there. Some more explanation on what you did (how was the starting situation with fdisk -l, what did you do with what tool, how is the present situation with* fdisk -l,* to suggest an approach) might be usefull to give others an idea about your setup.


Thanks for your responses. I hadn’t received any notifications, so I’m glad I checked back. I’ll look at this tomorrow when, hopefully, my brain is engaged.