Partion manager question.

I have windows vista and ubuntu installed in my laptop. I wanted to try out opensuse too. I have a 130 GB NTFS partition for vista, 20 GB ext4 partition for ubuntu 9.04 and 1 GB swap partition for ubuntu. I do not want to remove ubuntu. I want to resize the NTFS partition for opensuse. How many and what kinds of partitions do I need to install opensuse? I got confused in the installer so did not proceed due to the fear of loosing my data. Help needed.

It would be better if you posted a

fdisk -l

from a su terminal in ubuntu first.
But I guess we can assume Ubuntu already grabbed some space?

Before you do anythin. Make backup/copies of things you need.

Then I guess you will need to shrink Vista and grab all that space in to a extended partition, within which you can create 2 logical partitions / (root) and /home

Post fdisk first