Part 7 of 8 - Network1 (SLS Wiki Migration)

This is the seventh of a series of eight separate posts, with a list of the SLS “How-To” wiki’s, that we have tentatively reviewed (internally) and hope the new merged forum members/mods, … etc … selectively move to the openSUSE wiki. (Note this list was initially posted internal to SLS).

This list was initially refered to from here:

The original SLS wiki’s are here:
SuSELinuxSupport: HowTos

Some of these HOW-TO’s are quite old and not so useful (or are obsolete). Others are old and still very current, and some are relatively new and up to date.

I hope sometime after the merge, to post these lists (or an agreed edit subset of these lists) to the general forum membership, and get their views/help in the migration of the SLS wiki’s. Of course this is simply my view, and discussion and comments on this is most welcome.

So below is the 7th of the 8 posts.


HOWTOs - NETWORK (section-1)

I volunteer for this one oldcpu:

  • HowTo: Quick Personal Firewall on a Linux host in a Simple Samba LAN
    SuSELinuxSupport: HowToFirewallLinuxHostSamba
    Applicable: SuSE-10.0, openSUSE-10.1, 10.2
    Proposed solution: convert to openSUSE wiki
    Proposed URL: Firewall on simple samba LAN - openSUSE
    Credits: Swerdna


If you look at the tracking matrix here:
SLS-how-to migration to openSUSE wiki - progress tracking - openSUSE
… you will see G0NZ0 has done the “cut and paste” migration. The link to the new openSUSE wiki is here: Firewall on simple samba LAN - openSUSE

But as per all wiki, please feel free to modify as you believe appropriate.

MANY THANKs for your volunteered efforts.