Part 5 of 8 - Installation (SLS Wiki Migration)

This is the fifth of a series of eight separate posts, with a list of the SLS “How-To” wiki’s, that we have tentatively reviewed (internally) and hope the new merged forum members/mods, … etc … selectively move to the openSUSE wiki. (Note this list was initially posted internal to SLS).

This list was initially refered to from here:

The original SLS wiki’s are here:
SuSELinuxSupport: HowTos

Some of these HOW-TO’s are quite old and not so useful (or are obsolete). Others are old and still very current, and some are relatively new and up to date.

I hope sometime after the merge, to post these lists (or an agreed edit subset of these lists) to the general forum membership, and get their views/help in the migration of the SLS wiki’s. Of course this is simply my view, and discussion and comments on this is most welcome.

So below is the fifth of a series of eight posts.



I volunteer to do the two that I quoted. I will work on them tonight, or tomorrow night (European time).

Feathermonkey, after I convert the “How To: Selectively Restart From The Command Line” (which will mostly be a cut and paste), would you mind volunteering to do a technical review of it?

I updated the tracking matrix here:
SLS-how-to migration to openSUSE wiki - progress tracking - openSUSE