Part 3 of 8 - General1 (SLS Wiki Migration)

This is the third of a series of eight separate posts, with a list of the SLS “How-To” wiki’s, that we have tentatively reviewed (internally) and hope the new merged forum members/mods, … etc … selectively move to the openSUSE wiki. (Note this list was initially posted internal to SLS).

This list was initially referred to from here:

The original SLS wiki’s are here:
SuSELinuxSupport: HowTos

Some of these HOW-TO’s are quite old and not so useful (or are obsolete). Others are old and still very current, and some are relatively new and up to date.

I hope sometime after the merge, to post these lists (or an agreed edit subset of these lists) to the general forum membership, and get their views/help in the migration of the SLS wiki’s. Of course this is simply my view, and discussion and comments on this is most welcome.

So below is the 3rd of the 8 posts.


HOWTOs - GENERAL (1st section)

Howto: Login as root.

The original maybe simple, but it is very simple. I little bit of rewording and adding a few possibilities (in Kmenu you will find filemanager as root and terminal as root which are as good as doing the su/sudo yourself, but quicker).

It is also sometthing newbies have problems with (specialy coming from …)

I have rewritten the old “HowTo: Login as root”. It it is now:SDB:Login as root - openSUSE

During exploring the SDBs a bit I found:
SDB:Graphical Login as Root - openSUSE
which is a bit dated using fvwm2 as THE window manage. I think the new SDB covers this completely. Imho it may be deleted. I do not know who can make that decision and who then does the eventual execution.

The other one I found:
SDB:Root and security, login in over the net - openSUSE
is more usefull. I merged the basics of it in the new one. And again I think now this one can be deleted. Thus there will then be only one SDB about root login (which may be improved on the the real wiki sprit :smiley: