Paritioning Confusion/Question

Partitioning Confusion/Question…

I am trying to install opensuse 11.2, with XP already installed on my computer. Right now, my windows partition is the entire hard-drive, and opensuse set-up offers a shrunken windows partition, leaving the rest for opensuse. But, I do not like the suggested partition (I want more space for XP), so I then tried to manually configure the partitioning. This leads me to my question…

For the suggest partition (the one that I do not like), the logical partitions consumes the entire extended partition. That is, the last cylinder for /home is the last cylinder in the new extended partition for opensuse. When I try to do the partitioning, the last cylinder for /home is 1 less than the extended partition, leaving 1 cylinder (about 15.6 MB) unpartitioned.

To further investigate, during set-up, I simply edited set-up’s suggested partition (which again, the extended partition is filled by the logical partitions), deleted the /home partition (the “last” logical partition in the opensuse extended partition), and simply tried to add it back, but again, I can not get this logical partition to go to the very last cylinder in the extended partition.

This is driving me crazy! Any thought why set-up can configure the partitioning to work so that the extended partition is completely full, but I can not get this when I try to configure manually???

Just for the record, 15.6 MB is very little wasted space and not something I would lose any sleep over, at all. You did not mention just how much space your hard disk contains. I try to give about 40 Gigabytes for openSUSE and I seldom create a separate /home partition.

So, here is a manual suggested partition setup if you can do it. First, use three Primary Partitions for Windows, SWAP and openSUSE. Make sure to skip over any restoration partitions which may be installed BEFORE Windows. If such a partition existed, then you would be using /sda2 /sda3 & sda4 instead of what my example shows.

Here is partition setup which assumes one internal hard drive and no restoration partition:

  1. /sda1 Primary Partition for Windows (Total disk space minus 40 GB)
  2. /sda2 Primary SWAP partition set at 2 GB
  3. /sda3 Primary openSUSE /root partition 38 GB set as Active booting partition.
  4. Load GRUB into openSUSE /root partition (NOT grub into MBR)
  5. Install generic boot-able MBR (master boot record)

Ask if you need any further advise or help with this setup. It is possible to use other disk utilities to resize Windows if required. In Windows always delete all temp files, empty the trash can and do a defrag before attempting a resize and backing up important data is also a good thing to do.

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Just to clarify it’s / your talking about as there is a /root as well :wink:

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And a lot of people here stress the advantages of having a separate /home.

I did it the easy way - resized using a GParted disk (I have split my HD 50/50 between both OS) then installed [SUSE] on the empty partition, let the installer work its magic. Very easy install, all works fine!

I’d have to agree with you there. I always use a separate /home partition. It makes it easy to keep your files if you have to reinstall the system without having to take time to restore from a backup.

Going off of what muckybucket said, you can also boot the livecd of openSUSE and use yast partitioner to shrink the windows partition, then choose the live installer and it will automatically fill in the unpartitioned space.

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Ive always had this partitioning:

/dev/sda1               1         262     2104483+  82  Linux swap / Solaris
/dev/sda2   *         263        2873    20972857+  83  Linux
/dev/sda3            2874       38913   289491300   83  Linux

/home being sda3, the biggest one. Is /home a separate partition on my system? I installed a while ago, still being new to openSUSE so…

First you state that the /dev/sda3 partition is for /home and then you ask if you have a separate partition for /home. I do not understand you, but when you want to know what is mounted where do:


If you did the default partitioning, the installer gave you /dev/sda1 as swap, /dev/sda2 as / (root), and /dev/sda3 as /home.

So if you let the partitioner choose for you then yes, you have a separate /home partition.

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Yep, i let the partitioner as it was , since i installed on an empty HD.

On 06/23/2010 12:56 PM, assas1n wrote:
> Yep, i let the partitioner as it was , since i installed on an empty HD.

Having a separate /home gives you a lot of flexibility. My hard drive has
separate partitions containing /home and / for 11.1, 11.2, and 11.3 RC1.
Each of the / versions has 20 GB and /home has 90 GB. As a result, I can
boot any of those at any time. In addition as was stated earlier, I can
reload without having to mess with my files. I can also update to a new
version without having to get my files from a backup.

Thats the idea yeah :slight_smile: