Parental Control / Dansguardian

Is there any easily configured parental control tools for openSUSE? I used to use dansguardian, but I can’t even find a repository with it in for openSUSE?

On Mandriva there is a GUI for simple parental control (time & user based), + dansguardian is automatically set-up with squid etc. running appropriately.

Porn wount kill your children :stuck_out_tongue: - it will even help them at growing up.
But Here are some helpfull links.
Express Open Source Firewall Project it has some settings that you can block porn sites.
IPCop - Home
Internet filtering software by the web filter experts Citrix ready | CensorNet
DansGuardian - True Web Content Filtering for All

if you use mozzila webbrowser use this add :
Parental controls | How to | Firefox Help

One porn a day keeps the doctor away! :slight_smile:


Testing and feedback would be appreciated…

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Yes, my 8 year old daughters and 4 year old son really need to see women being sexually brutalised.

Most of those are distributions, not software that can be installed on openSUSE.

Ah, I was really after filtering (a la dansguardian), but I see from the page you gave me that dansguardian is available via the build service (although not on any repos I have enabled…), so I will give them a try, thanks!

any of this programs wount stop them watching porn didn’t you figure out that they can watch such things in a friends house,party… or something
they are going to see it one day eventually.

This is all off topic and not particularly suitable for this forum I suspect, but my kids are 8, 8 and 4. They won’t be watching porn at a friends house and their friends parents wouldn’t be very happy if they were watching it at mine. When they are old enough to actually want to see porn get around these things, then perhaps they are old enough to see it. If you think 8 year old girls should be watching the kind of porn that is generally available over the web then it is pretty clear you don’t know many 8 year old girls and certainly don’t have any of your own.

I wouldn’t be as bothered if so much of the porn around wasn’t so degrading to women (and I’m a man before you get any ideas). You do realise that sex between people who aren’t paid to do it generally isn’t like that on websites don’t you?