Panel transparency and font colours

I can’t seem to find an answer, but is there a way to make the panel more transparent and / or adjust the font colour so that it might be legible? Right-clicking doesn’t have any appropriate options.

You would need a different plasma theme. You can choose a different one in Systemsettings > Workspace Appearance > Desktop Theme. You can install new ones by clicking the button “Get New Themes”; the themes come from Or you look through the repositories.

But adjusting transparency or fontcolor from the GUI - like you would maybe expect - is not possible with plasma themes.

ETA: And as an aside, you are posting all your threads to the wrong subforum. General Chit-Chat is not for questions.

This is set in the theme, which is not easily accessible. At least I never found out how.

You could try another desktop theme (I use a variant of the elegance theme) or tweak the current colors in system-settings>appearance>colors (click the color tab).

Okay, thanks. I’ve installed the Caledonia theme and love it. It does, however, seem to have issues with the icons. For example, the envelope doesn’t show me when I have new emails.