Panel lost from fresh KDE desktop

After a fresh 11.2 KDE install on a second PC, the starting desktop exhibited a transparent panel, with “Desktop Folder” as a title, and five (5) icons. In the course of modifying the desktop icons, this was deleted. I have looked, searched, Google’d etc, to find a process to restore this transparent folder. No luck so far. I have placed the icons back, all works correctly, though I would like to know how to recreate this transparent rectangular panel.

(My other two Linux PC’s are Gnome (one openSUSE 11.2 and one Ubuntu 9.10).

Are you saying you have no panel or that you have on back but it’s not transparent?
Main Panel - Windows Live

Desktop Panel widget I think he’s talking about…right click desktop, add widgets…find it…:wink:

You are right.

Right click on the desktop, add widget, look for: Folder View
Select and add

Once in place and to your liking - right click desktop, Lock Widgets!

This is just a widget displaying the contents of the desktop folder. In order to get it ‘back’ you just need to unlock widgets, then add a new widget of the type “Folder view”, and in the settings for that widget make it “Show the Desktop Folder.”

Spot on! I had deleted desktop widgets (somewhat blindly :wink: and accidently), and thought that the transparency was an option for a straight desktop folder lol!.

Thanks for the quick replies. Some further research during this revealed a solution to part of the original problem. The laptop I just installed the openSUSE/KDE version has a touchpad (Synaptics) and is somewhat “sensitive” :sarcastic:. I found the “Touchpad” functions and the touchpad now behaves!

Thanks again!