Panel icons will not move

I’m using openSuse 12.1 with the xfce desktop.
I set up a second panel at the top of the screen, but all the icons I add appear on the left and will not be moved.
I click on “move” and get the hand-shaped cursor, but it will not move the icon.
In the original (bottom) panel, all the icons have moved to the left, and I can’t move them back.

You will need to add the xfce4-panel-separator plugin to reposition your icons to move it to the right side of the xfce4-panel
The separator can be tuned to your liking.

In the original panel the icons are separated from the left icons to the right by the xfce4-taskbar

If you mean the separator in the list of “add new items”, I’ve tried that but still can’t move them.
I can’t even position the separator itself.

When you add the separator it usually add it on the tip of the right side of the xfce4-panel
you can right click the separator to enter the separator setting and expand it.
Play with it a bit and you will see what I mean.

To test it using your new empty panel add some icons or launcher and separate the icons in groups
using the separator. You can add as many separator as you want to compensate the panel if a single
separator is not enough. The xfce4-panel is the eassiest panel out there to customize.

You can add more panels too at the bottom and top of your screen.

No, that isn’t working I’m afraid.
The Separator always appears to the immediate right of the installed icons, and although I can move it between the icons, I can’t get it to move to the right of the panel.
There is simply no way will these icons or the Separator move.

*“In the original panel the icons are separated from the left icons to the right by the xfce4-taskbar” *
All the icons in the original panel have also moved to the left, so somehow I seem to have lost this as well.
How can I retrieve it?

Ok, there is no way I can help you with that.
Seems you were not able to get the handle of it.

As mentioned in my earlier post, the separator can be tuned.
It can be expanded by right clicking it and selecting the property.
If there is no other panel-plugin blocking, you can arrange it properly,
that’s why I told you to use really an empty panel to customize.

In the original panel try to right click the empty portion of it and tell me what is it.
I suspect, it is the menu button, it is similar to the task manager of kde. If you right click the icon in the left side of the original panel
and click move and drag it all the way down to the right tip of the panel, the icon will stay in the end of the menu button on the right side of the panel.
I don’t think there is a problem with the openSUSE xfce4-panel. I think you just haven’t figure-out how it work.

Maybe we need a screenshot of your panel and see how it looks, sometimes pictures are easy to figure out than words.