Pandora One application issues suse 13


I’ve been using the Pandora One app. on my opensuse 13 installation and two things have come up I’m hoping to have some help with.

1st, (almost certainly because it’s an Adobe Air container) I can’t right-click on the title bar and move the app. to another workspace like I can with every other app. Is there a workaround like a key press combination or something?

2nd, and I am not sure if this is specifically a Pandora issue some combination of apps. but sometimes (most noticeable when Pandora is running) all my apps. just “freeze” for many secs. (perhaps about 10-20 secs.) and then suddenly all my clicks and key presses catch up. I have a 2.6Ghz quad core duo CPU and it doesn’t look anywhere near at 100% on any of the cores when this happens (more like 10%). It seems like there’s some sort of a “lock” preventing all internal messaging in X for those seconds. If there was a way to lower the thread priority on the Pandora app. then that might be a good way to resolve this but I have no idea how to do that.


IF you’re using KDE:

right-click on the name of the program in the task bar at the bottom. In the menu that opens, you have the possibility to send the program to a different desktop

I’m not sure whether that really will do the trick, but you can use the gnome system monitor for that.
Open a terminal and type “gnome-system-monitor”. Or, under KDE go to start menu->system->monitor.

That program allows you to change a thread priority.