pamagic: unable to boot after hard drive resize

I was trying to resize hdb7 from 154 gib to around the total it is now to build another partition for my windows xp drive (hdb1) to use. After I had resized I rebooted but when it goes to load my hard drive it does nothing their are no errors. Please help I do not work with linux commands a lot. I am running Linux right now on ram so I have desktop internet and terminal. Here is my current drive set up

Hard drive: hdb Filesystem Size Flags
/dev/hdb1 ntfs 9.77 Gib
/dev/hdb2 extended 176.54 Gib boot,Iba
/dev/hdb5 linux-swap 2.01 Gib
/dev/hdb6 ext3 20.00 Gib
/dev/hdb7 ext3 77.88 Gib
Unallocated 76.65 Gib

If you use your opensuse install disc, it gives you a repair option on the boot up screen. Choose the auto check and use this to fix the problems.