,root and /etc/security/time.conf

I read all the threds and I manage to do simple user login-time restrictions. But when it come to root it just do not work. I know that there is a lot of documentation but that is a functionality I need as soon as posible. In final I need a simple explanation on how to make login-time restriction on root acount. If is there someone that can give me a hint on how to do session schedule with pam I’ll be very grateful. But just login-time restriction on root is just enough. Something more complex is my part of RTFM responsability :expressionless: .

Why do you need to login as root at all?

You ought to be able to force normal user login, and then su(1) to root. Of course that does not prevent booting up into single user mode, but if someone has physical access you are kidding yourself if you think you can stop a determined user from controlling the system.

That is good practice, because it means the culprit has authenticated their identity.

How can I force normal user login in OpenSuSe11.1? I search in yast and personal setting but I do not found anything!
And how can, if you know, I restrict sudoing with One more time, is a functionality that I need as soon as posible and that’s why I do not read all documentation but ask here.