pam csync for use of Roaming Profiles

Ok guys and gals,
The Developers at have written code for Linux Clients to copy user profiles to a smb share, much the same way Windows does. I can log on via KDE with out problems, but when I log on via Console, I receive the following error…

After a succesfull logon, it reports “Authentication failure” which I suspect is the attempt to logon to the SMB server.

the pam_csync.conf file holds this…

pam_csync config file


The URI specifies the remote replica. If the value is set to “winbind”

pam_csync tries to get the profile path from pam_winbind.


%(USER) is expanded to the username logging in

%(PASS) is expanded to the password

uri = winbind

#uri = smb://%(USER):%(PASS)@smb-server/share/directory/%(USER)
uri = smb://%(USER):%(PASS)@

If pam_csync is not used with “use_first_pass” or “try_first_pass” in

the PAM configuration files (/etc/pam.d/), it will have to ask for a

password. This is also the case if pam_mount is the first auth module

in the block.

msg_authpw = "pam_mount password: "

In case the ‘session’ PAM block does not have the password (e.g. on su

from root to user), it will ask again.

msg_sessionpw = "reenter password for pam_mount: "

exclude list for the users we should not synchronize the home


Comma seperated list.

#exclude = “root,foo_bar,foo_foo”
#exclude = “root,foo_*”
exclude = root

I unfortantly dont know what user variables to set in the uri = smb://%(USER):%(PASS)@ line.

Also, I am not sure how many of the pam files to configure to use At this time I have “login” in the pam.d folder with the following additional line…

session required

Any additional assistance on configuring PAM would be great.

Thanks, John rotfl!

Isnt there someone that knows something about PAM?

Johnfm3 wrote:
> Isnt there someone that knows something about PAM?

what is a PAM?

is that a networking question?
maybe the networking gurus (in another forum) might know the answer…

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pam - Pluggable Authentication Modules for Linux

Its how Linux authorizes users. I am pretty sure this is the correct forum.


I suggest to use the ‘pam-config’ tool setup pam_csync, if you want to do it manually read the manpage ‘man pam_csync’.