pam-config issue: csync roaming profiles

Well, here we go again. I have been keeping a close eye on the csync project, and its now been added to OpenSuSE 11.1. The part of interest is pam_csync, which is used for linux Roaming Profiles against a Central File Server. Much the same way MS is done. Its a Bi-Directional file transfer during logon and logoff.

Now for the issue, I have used yast sw_install to install all the packages needed. When I try to configure pam, I type the following…
pam-config --add --csync-use_first_pass
and I get the following responce…
pam-config: invalid option – --csync-use_first_pass
Try pam-config --help' or pam-config --usage’ for more information.

I have also tried pam-config --csync-use_first_pass with similiar results.

I really need assistance with how to configure PAM for csync. And if theres a command that can add all the correct entries in all the correct files, I would rather use it.

John :slight_smile:

bumping to the top of the list

Ok, so after no luck on this topic. I am cheating and running a login/logout script for both CLI and GLI.
If theres much more want for this, I will consider posting a how-to.

Using the touch command, create .bash_login and .bash_logout in side the home directory.
Paste the script below into both files. This will all syncronization during CLI and ssh login.

Also copy the above files to located in the /home/user/.kde4/Autostart & located in
/home/user/.kde4/shutdown. The script name and are totally random, the directories
are filled with all scripts that are ran during login and logout of KDE. If shutdown isnt there, while in
KDE use the “Configure Desktop ~ System Settings” util, on the Advanced tab, to goto the Autostart and add
shutdown script there. I have seen where it didn’t stay, but copying the script back afterwards made it stick.

Alittle bit of roaming around, you will see how it works.

The one thing csync doesnt do, is delete files. If you delete a file off your profile, and its still in the backup
location, the next time you log on/off it will be copied back. This means in order to delete a folder/file,
you have to delete it at both locations.

Good Luck
John :wink:


This script is used for Roaming Profiles on Linux users.

When copied to the users $HOME directory as .bash_login or

.bash_logout, the script works during a CLI login.

When copied to the #HOME/.kde4/Autostart &

$HOME/.kde4/shutdown folders, the scripts run during login

and logoff of GUI.

echo running csync for $USER
csync $HOME smb://<ip_address>/share/$USER