pam-config - How to list active, loaded modules?

Would seem this is a basic function, but I can’t find it anywhere… How to list the active pam-config modules.

There are ways to
list <available> modules (I assume this does not mean state, or does “available” also mean active for further configuration?l
Add a module
Create a module
Delete a module.


In /etc/pam.d, I have backup files for common-account, common-auth, common-password and common-session which are the four groups of modules provided by pam; so I would assume that all are present and have been configured and therefore can be further configured.

If accurate, that’s an interesting, indirect way of determining what is actively used… Since listing all available lists more than 50 modules that can be used.

I suppose a simple way to see if this is true is to add or delete modules, then do a backup and see if the backups change…

Was hoping for a more direct way to interrogate ssh-config…