pam-config assistance needed setting up pam_csync

I have in prior threads looked for suggestions on configuring pam_csync. I am tring to setup pam_csync on OpenSuSE 11.1.

Has any one had any luck setting up pam_csync for Linux Roaming Profiles to sync with a samba server? CSync web site has no info on how to add to pam, and the pam-config man page is of no help.


To me it looks like it’s in the YaST samba client module?

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Hmm, thats interesting. So I am guessing I need join a Linux SMB Domain and check the “Also Use SMB Information for Linux Authentication”. Thus configuring the Linux Client as if its joined to an Active Directory Domain.

I will post back when I have tested it on a new temp setup.


No Luck. I tried building a PDC on SLES 11 with samba using LDAP on the back end. I then built a OpenSuSE box that could successfully join the test.local domain. But when I try to log in, I select test.local for my domain and type in my user name and password. The text boxes goes grey as it trys to log in, and then stops with a clear password box.


Ok, I now have a Samba PDC that a windows workstation can join and authenticate against. Further more, I have joined a OpenSuSE 11.1 machine to the PDC Domain, but am unable to athenticate. I get an Access Denied error regarding KDM.

Any good Ideas as too how to trouble shoot this?