Pam authentication

Hello Linux guys,

I want to setup a ssh connection from my client pc to my server, but each time I try to do so, I can’t login.
When I go look in to the log file of my server, it says:

pam_ldap: missing “host” in file “/etc/ldap.conf”
error: PAM: Authentication failure for illegal user test-client from

does someone know what this problem is and how to fix this?

thanx for you help

Are you attempting to authenticate utilizing ldap?

If not start by checking this:

yast->network services->LDAP and Kerberos Client

Go to change settings
Uncheck Allow LDAP Users to Authentic (pam_ldap)

That is how the default install is configured.

If you are attempting to configure an LDAP server and client then I would start here: