Palomino flight sim


I’d like to try and play palomino flight sim. But wants to change the java on my computer from sun java to icedtea. Is it possible to run Palomino without that change?

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I’ve spent loads of time to get sun java working. I don’t feel like throwing all that away.


Hello Daqar,

The problem lies in the package “palomino-ossim”.
As a dependency it wants openJDK but AFAIK sun-java will work as well.
I think you can safely install palomino but not openJDK, YaST will show some errors.
Select the option “break some dependency of palomino-ossim”.

If you’ve got any questions feel free to ask!

Best of luck!:wink:

I don’t know how to NOT install that openjdk stuff. I go to the ‘Installation Summary’ tab. There I can see the openjdk with a green check-mark and 3 green dots under. I can right-click and choose ‘Do not install’, but the green icon doesn’t change. Isn’t it supposed to do that?


Hello Daqar,

I just selected the option “Taboo – never install” then YaST shows an error message.
From there I selected “break some dependencies” (or something like that).
The problem is that it will just install palomino without any of it’s dependencies.

What I’ve done now is check the palomino packages for install.
Select the Install Summary tab and change all packages except openJDK to install.
After that you can right click on the openJDK packages and select “Taboo – never install”.
To the following error just say “Break some dependencies”.
I’m not completely sure that it will work so I’m trying it right now.

Tip: Selecting the packages one for one and right-click on them and selecting “Install” is a lot of work.
What I do is select the top one and press + (on the numpad-side), a shortcut for Install.
Then I just press the down-arrow and + again do this for every package.

If this doesn’t work I think you could try to compile it from source.
But first let’s try this out.

Best of luck!:wink:

I figured how to install it without the openjdk. The terminal gives the following output when I try to run the game:

jacob@linux-c18f:~> palomino
          Palomino Flight Simulator        
(C) 2009 Jim E. Brooks -
[rel OSG 2.8.3]
Press F1 to start GUI.
ERROR: Couldn't find data/ directory.

I couldn’t find .palomino/ in my home folder as I expected, but I’m not sure it should be there.


You need to add your user to the ‘games’ group via YaST, logout/login.

Also add this softlink in your ~/ directory if it says it can’t find scripts/startup.lua

ln -s /usr/share/games/palomino/scripts

I’ve posted the issue on (IRC) #packman about maybe changing to users group rather than games and the above issue.

I figured how to add myself to the games group, and now I get the error which you state above. How do I add that softlink and where is that ‘~/ directory’ that is should be added to?


~/ is your home directory. If you open a terminal and just run the command cd you will be there.

Aaahh…got it. It works like a charm now !! Thanks for the help !!


I reported via email to them, so hopefully gets fixed in the next release :wink: