I was playing around with Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 6 and Fedora 11. Palimpsest in both Ubuntu and Fedora told me that two of my three hard drives had issues. I found this hard to believe. I tested and am currently retesting one of the hard drives that had an issue, it is a Western Digital. I downloaded the software from WD’s website for it so I can test it further in XP. So far the SMART status is all green, it passed with no issues.

So is Palimpsest giving false positives, is it a bit buggy? Or is Palimpsest seeing something that WD’s software is missing? Both hard drives Palimpsest said had issues are not that old. I can’t remember the details off hand but it seemed like a lot of people basically had the same errors as well.

What are peoples thoughts on Palimpsest. Should I panic or just ignore it?

I just googled for ‘palimpsest hard drives’ and found that most of the top links point to discussions about this problem. I guess there are false positives.

I seem to be finding mostly that as well with my searches. I hope they get it fixed soon. It is a great little feature if it would work correctly.