Palemoon can't logout of this forum

Leap 15.2.

I’m not sure that has anything to do with “palemoon”.

I haven’t tried recently. But, back in June (or thereabouts), I logged out from the forum so as to switch to a different browser. But I found that I was still logged in. I was using “firefox”.

So I just waited 24 hours, and then I was automatically logged out.

Incidentally, I’m back to using “firefox” openSUSE forums. But maybe I’ll sometime go back to “konqueror”.

well, thank you.

Confirmed that Firefox and 15.2 fail to logout most of the time.
Once in a while it does work - maybe every 10th day.

It seems to log you out after 22 hours not 24.

Am using Chrome, am being logged out every 6-8 hrs (I haven’t tried to tried to pinpoint an exact time but the website developers will know their expirations settings).


It looks like palemoon will log out after more than 20 hours approx.