pager in vertical panels bad to use

I would like to have pager with four desktops in a vertical panel and one in horizontal panel but seems not so easy. I have a pager in a default horizontal panel and it is ok. adding pager plasmoid to vertical empty panel I get this result that is not so useful, the desktops is the third icon starting from the top, the four horizontal little dots under the three dots: if I modify pager settings>virtual desktops>number of rows in four rows I get this in the vertical panel: that isn’t so bad but in horizontal panel I get this: that isn’t good, the pager sre the four little vertical dots… if I instead of an empty panel use a default panel and I move in vertical position I get this: that is quite good, but it is not permanent, after the first kde crash it come back at the first situation. Is this a bug?? have you the same behaviour?? how can I solve?? manythanx, ciao, pier :slight_smile:

In one of those tiny pictures I see a KDE icon. But that is the only way I can assume that you are talking about KDE. Wouldn’t it be helpfull to tell others, who might try to help you, in a prominent place the basic information: what version of openSUSE you are using, that it is about KDE and then which version of KDE?

Sorry … :slight_smile: :slight_smile: KDE4.10.3 on opensuse 12.3…

And what is the problem? It’s obvious that you get 4 rows if you configure 4 rows, that’s the purpose of that setting!:wink:
You could resize the panel of course, the pager will adapt itself to the new size.

When plasma-desktop crashes it can happen that the setting isn’t saved yet. That’s no bug. The crashes are bugs…

Just change the setting and logout immediately, before plasma crashes. (or does it also crash on logout?) Then the setting should be remembered.

You could also edit ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc manually while plasma is not running.

Sorry! I think I know now what you mean:
This setting is global for all pager applets because it is saved in kwinrc.

Well, this looks like a design limitation. You could create a feature request at for making it possible to individually configure this for each pager plasmoid.

But do you really need 2 pagers?

tes, this was one limitation adding an empty panel, but if I use a default panel it seems good…

no, I don’t really need 2 pagers :slight_smile: , the only thing I cannot live without is beclock :-), my nephhew was trying to have 2 pagers and met this strange behaviour of plasma…:slight_smile:

Well, I guess that’s a leftover from KDE3 times, where this already was a setting of KWin. I don’t remember if it was possible to have more than 1 pager in KDE3. But at least Kicker wasn’t as flexible as Plasma is. That’s one of the reasons why it was dropped and Plasma created from scratch…

Your nephew should have his own userid on the system. There he can do what he wants without disturbing you. That is the big advaantage of multi user systems like Linux rotfl!

:slight_smile: …she and the other five have theyr user id “nipoti”, …but they spontaneously use it only 1 time every 100 !!!, the most of times they use what they find…, and the most of time it’s the mine account…:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: , … by the way, I don’t know why emoticons don’t works… :slight_smile: a bug was already there …… thanx, ciao, pier…:slight_smile:

All six of them should have their own userid. And you should not leave open a sesion and leaving. You show a very bad example to them.

…they should… I started with one for all of them and I’m not having a big success… :slight_smile:

…another should… :)usually it’s enough one minute… :slight_smile:

…and I suspect it’s not the only one bad example I show them…:slight_smile:
thnx, ciao, pier :slight_smile:

This helps, costs only about 6 * 5 minutes in total:
Create the account, let them login on a new session, on their own account.

  1. Change the background to one of their own choice.
  2. Put some Music in their ~/Music folder, start Amarok, point it to ~/Music
  3. Put some images in ~/Pictures, start Digikam, point it to ~/Pictures
    That way they will start to feel they have their own “place”.
    My kids are allowed to use their accounts on my server/workstation (much faster, snappier than their own machines) on one condition: only use your own account. The things described were suggested years ago (IIRC in the old forums), worked out fine for me and my kids.