paech:openSUSE-2021-660-1.noarch conflicts with ruby-solv.x86_64

I’ve been getting this error for a couple weeks now. I’ve had similar errors in the past, but eventually someone resolved them. I don’t use ruby, but it is installed. Any recommendations for resolving the conflict?

This is exactly what patches are supposed to do. They conflict with older package versions to force installation of newer, updated, package versions. In particular this patch explicitly conflicts with ruby-solv < 0.7.19-lp152.2.19.1. There is nothing to solve here.

If what you are actually asking is “why installation of this patch fails” - then show full command used to install/update your sytsem and its full output.

It would seem that I can’t trust the online auto update. I ran Yast and got almost 50 patches.

You’re using Ruby when using YaST and other stuff.