I’m wondering if there might not be an old spec file lying around with the details ? I stumbled across this lnik - The search engine for Linux rpm and Debian packages - - RPM Package List pacpl … is that or a search along those lines helpful ?

I seem to recall that pacpl would pickup a MASSIVE number of media apps when it was installed.

Seeing I really only work with flac, mp3, ogg


as some people may not want all that installed?
I would agree

Thanks, that helped :slight_smile:

@caf4926 et al.
Instead of Requires, I’ve added as Recommends, then users can choose as required;

Recommends:     bonk
Recommends:     cdparanoia
Recommends:     faac
Recommends:     faad2
Recommends:     ffmpeg
Recommends:     flac
Recommends:     lame
Recommends:     mac
Recommends:     mpg123
Recommends:     mplayer
Recommends:     shorten
Recommends:     sox
Recommends:     speex
Recommends:     ttaenc
Recommends:     vorbis-tools
Recommends:     wavpack

The above list is what is currently available on packman/openSUSE

The updated version is now here;
Index of /download/home:/malcolmlewis/openSUSE_11.4_Multimedia/

Is it working ok? If so will submit to the Multimedia repository.

It works
I had to manually add the kde plugin for the service menu

Excellent :slight_smile: Yes, if you select the kde one it will pull in the pacpl :wink:


Like Caf I’m happy to report that Pacpl works!!!

Awesome, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: