pacman repo and signing errors

Hi I am wondering if anyone else who has added the packman repository seeing signing errors on the packages?

I started to see this the other day Friday, and when I cancelled the update process, I started to have all kinds of system errors.

How does one recover from this and bring their system back to proper working order?

I have not run into any problems.

I just finished updating two Tumbleweed systems, and there were no errors related to packman. Actually, there were no errors at all. It was a clean update.

I’d try a “zypper refresh” followed by “zypper dup” using the “-- dry-run” flag, if that goes ok then “zypper dup” for real.

Likewise, just update both my TW systems to 20200116 with no errors from packman (or elsewhere)…

If you post some of the actual errors, we might have a better idea as to what problems you are having.

Assuming that you use “zypper dup” at the command line, post part of the output that shows errors.

I managed to get the system back up again by:

  1. using the install cd and selecting to “upgrade” my system
  2. removing the packman repo.
  3. adding the packman repo back again.

@tannington Thanks for the tip, at some point I did end up running, “zypper dup” and this helped.

@nrickert I’m good now, but I did open a bug and provided my zypper log files.