Does anyone know if Packman is having issues? I can’t update…

 Timeout exceeded when accessing ''.

It’s not just you!

Still having problems re timeouts from Packman repo(s) with “zypper dup” to Tumbleweed 20150602. However, using “zypper dup” and disabling the repos would cause many packman packages to switch back to versions in Tumbleweed repo if they exist there.

I decided to proceed by first disabling my packman essentials and multimedia repos. Then I used the following to avoid vendor change:

zypper -v up

As expected, it reported a fairly short list of multimedia packages that would not be updated. A reboot was successful. :wink:

Good occasion to test


Well let’s see. Entered following commands separately into Konsole:

su -
zypper -v dup

Normal completion, except zypper dup gave:

85 Problems: 
Problem: problem with installed package amarok-2.8.0-27.10.x86_64


 Problem: problem with installed package amarok-2.8.0-27.10.x86_64 
 Solution 1: install amarok-2.8.0-14.1.x86_64 (with vendor change)  -->  openSUSE 

**Choose the above solution using '1' or skip, retry or cancel [1/s/r/c] (c):**

It would repeat that 84 times for all installed packman, so cancelled! Not used “export” before, so did I miss something?

I do not think so. I wonder what “skip” does in this case - I mean, if “skip” means leave installed package alone, then this is what is needed at the end, right?

Of course, having to manually skip each package is e-h-h … boring :slight_smile:

I just found mirror for the packman mirror list
i choose one of the links
and it work for me
here the mirrors:

Indeed. I actually gave up on third “skip”, and suspect you’re right as it quickly moves on to the next one. It looked normal as far as previous problem/solution processing, so it should eventually get on with it. Life being short enough, on this occasion I prefer “zypper up” with its much briefer list of packages not updated. :slight_smile:

From the list of mirrors on Packman’s website, the problem seems to be no response from Austria. It’s the first in list. Other countries respond ok.

Works for me too