Packman unstable these days?


About one or two times in each three that packagekit or yast software manager refresh repositories I get this error:

Timeout exceeded when accessing ‘’.

Sometimes trying again works.

Is there a problem with packman? I know they migrated servers, but this was some time ago.


Edit: this started to happen at the beginning of this week.

My personal experience is that the Austrian mirror seems to go through more frequent spells of unavailability than some others. Just choose another. Göttingen University ( seems particularly reliable for Europeans, but there may be one in South America.

There is, from an uni, but last time I tested it was a bit slow.

I used to use that, worked fine for years but then had a spell of problems, so I switched to the Austria mirror.

IINM I’ve read in these fora that this repo was actually a redirector to the fastest repo, but if it was it has changed. Anyway I’ll try, thanks for reminding me.


You should see if a local university or the like is willing to host a packman mirror?

This one has a nice record:

erlangen:~ # zypper lr  Packman
Alias          : Packman                                            
Name           : Packman                                            
URI            :
Enabled        : Yes                                                
GPG Check      : (r ) Yes                                           
Priority       : 90 (raised priority)                               
Autorefresh    : On                                                 
Keep Packages  : Off                                                
Type           : rpm-md                                             
GPG Key URI    :                                                    
Path Prefix    :                                                    
Parent Service :                                                    
Keywords       : ---                                                
Repo Info Path : /etc/zypp/repos.d/Packman.repo                     
MD Cache Path  : /var/cache/zypp/raw/Packman                        
erlangen:~ #