Packman today (11.3)

I just had to switch to Packman Factory on 11.3 because there are so many broken libxine packages and k3b-lang in the standard 11.3 repo.

Just a heads up. If this is still a mess tomorrow, you could use Factory until it gets sorted.:slight_smile:


I switched the other way i.e. from factory to standard 11.3 repo around noon today, and haven’t had any problems with multimedia. I haven’t installed packman’s K3b yet. Kaffeine, xine-ui, smplayer, amarok, flash streaming, and commercial dvd all worked well. There were a few updates after the repo change, then I added stuff that wasn’t in factory e.g. smplayer, but then after that and checking through Yast by packman repo I was surprised to see more updates which I installed. No problems so far with the standard packman 11.3.


Could be the mirror you are using isn’t updating quickly enough.

The libxine1-codecs are fine now, as are the k3b stuff.

Yesterday I had problems, but rather the switch repos I found what I needed downloaded it and installed, this morning the repos had the new updated packages :peace:

I am using

Yes I remember now from earlier, I noticed the libxine1-codecs update was at a higher level than the other libxine1 packages. I will switch ksb stuff now. GM is performing very well here.

Thanks guys. I’ll check it again