Packman switch to LibAV

I checked for updates today and noticed that the Packman repository have switched to the new forked FFmpeg library: LibAV. This include gstreamer and other dependent libraries.

VLC runs without a problem but i wonder what other applications depending on FFmpeg will not run…

It looks like FFmpeg was removed from the repository.

seems your right, but libav still includes ffmpeg so I doubt any application will notice.

this explains some of the reasoning why the change [packman] ffmpeg not in monolithic repository](

I was apprehensive when I saw it was gone, and didn’t let libav to update as it wanted to remove ffmpeg. Because I use and rely on mythtv backend and several front ends I didn’t want to break it. So I let one of my laptops update, and tested. Mythtv played everything just fine, recordings, dvd rips, and livetv. So I updated the rest of the machines and everything works as it should.

I was reluctant because mythtv is picky, it can be very, very picky and something as drastic as removing ffmpeg I figured would break it for sure, well it works, and I am happy.

I found bad symbolic links when compiling Amarok error compiling Amaork from git “No rule to make target `/usr/lib64/”

Yeah and were are all the header files for

configure: WARNING: libavutil/avutil.h: check for missing prerequisite headers?
configure: WARNING: libavcodec/avcodec.h: check for missing prerequisite headers?
configure: WARNING: libavformat/avformat.h: check for missing prerequisite headers?
configure: WARNING: libswscale/swscale.h: check for missing prerequisite headers?

ZoneMinder broke and I can’t compile it. They’re not in the devel package.

There’s one for ya.

It broke get_iplayer - well it doesn’t convert the download from .flv to .mp4
So I switched back to ffmpeg
I had to use the tumbleweed packman repo for that

So is it wiser to keep ffmpeg? But will there be further updates of ffmpeg? If so from what repo/url can we download them?

there’s a discussion about this in the Packman mailing list The Packman April 2011 Archive by date

as it’s a fork there’s 2 groups developing and both will be updating

they can’t be hosted on the obs so it’s Packman, compile your own or try Google’ing

Interesting - as of now neither is showing in the Packman repo’s

yes …Libav is gone from packman

So it is
Good I switched back to ffmpeg from tumbleweed

This is not good. I can’t break my Zoneminder.

linclkh do you have libffmpeg-devel installed?

ffmpeg is back in the Packman repo :\

Guess what
I’m not surprised

Maybe DeVeDe might actually work this time… haven’t been able to get it working on my 11.4 installation…

My guess is it will not. I don’t think anyone has brought this problem to the Packman packager’s attention, and there are various possibilities which could be the cause of this. Is the gcc version the same between 11.3 and 11.4 ? I have not checked, but I did read one post about the libavcodec (which provides the ac3 encoder/decoder (I think)) where an update to the Intel compiler (?) has broken the ac3 code and hence the code for building DVDs. But I was (and still am) very rushed for time and have no time to follow this up. Someone else (who needs to create DVDs more urgently than I) will need to chase this down.

For approximately two weeks or so, ever since major changes to ffmpeg/libav I can not burn a DVD in Mythtv from recordings that I have made recently.

These recordings play fine in mythtv, all my multimedia players, but when trying to make DVD’s from them the audio is about 5 seconds out of sync.

Now I can burn any recording made before all these changes started, and the audio is perfectly in sync.

So the issue seems to be with the recordings. I rely alot on mythtv and mytharchive, and these changes recently have thrown a major monkey wrench into things, so much so that I am likely to download the older ffmpeg source code and compile it myself.

That is a major pain in the arse as it is likely going to want a ton of dependencies, and I am going to end up having to make symlinks all over the place, then will have to lock packages in Yast so they don’t scream for certain versions of ffmpeg.

I realize it is impossible for developers to test ffmpeg for compatibilty with every app out there, but ffmpeg won’t even create a DVD from a recording that it has recorded itself without the audio becoming out of sync.

I have tried several methods of creating a DVD with these new recordings and the result is always the same, audio way out of sync.

There have been all kinds of updates recently centered around ffmpeg and the apps that use it, I was hoping these updates would correct the stituation, unfortunaetly the problem remains.

Which openSUSE version are you using ? Some users have reported this problem with openSUSE-11.4. Are you encountering this with an openSUSE version BEFORE 11.4 ?

Has anyone reported this on the Packman Packager mailing list ?

I always run the latest version of openSUSE. Have been using 11.4 since the rc’s came out.

I reported problems with libav to packman, I never got a reply from them as I usually do when there is a problem, however within two days libav was pulled and ffmpeg was back, but the same problems existed.

I just installed the ffmpeg from packman 11.3 and am going to record a show, and then test burning.