Packman repository switch on Wednesday

As I wrote about a couple of days ago, the Packman team has been busy migrating to a new openSUSE Build Service instance as well as, while we were at it, changing the repository layout.

We’ve been putting quite some steam behind the effort and we finally have reached a point where everything is working great (for us as packagers) and where the most used packages have been added and re-built on our new openSUSE Build Service instance, as well as having been published in our new repositories, including on all our mirrors.

On Wednesday (2011-03-02), in CET evening, we will delete the old repositories. We will create symbolic links to make the old URLs point to the new repositories (e.g. 11.3 to openSUSE_11.3), in order to make the old URLs still work perfectly fine.

But it will also mean that there are a lot of packages that were in the old repositories that are not in the new ones, as we didn’t migrate everything yet, and didn’t migrate everything on purpose. Indeed, it is also a good opportunity for us to get rid of old cruft which we added many years ago and isn’t used by anyone any more, or even anyone in the first place.

At the same time, I will change the list of repositories that show up in YaST’s “community repositories” module in order to reflect the new layout, with the option of picking only some of our repositories, and not just the “big one” (for details, please refer to this thread). Of course, once performed, I will duly announce it, including here.

So if you do run into a package you were used to get from us and which doesn’t show up in the Packman repository any more, please let us know by sending us an email to our mailing-list at (no need to register first, just send an email to that address, in English or German).

Sorry for the inconvenience that move might create, but it will definitely help us because we will hopefully have a little less packages to maintain (because no one is using them), and also make the service a bit swifter for you to use, as there will be less RPM-MD metadata to download on each refresh.

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Many thanks to the Packman packagers for all their efforts to help the openSUSE distribution.

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+1. Packman rocks! :slight_smile:

I agree, Packman is amazing :slight_smile:

Me too. Thanks for all the work you guys do for us.

The others are 100% right, Packman rocks.
Pascal, could you send the other Packmen en Packwomen our gratitude ?

Just to remind everyone about the switch over later today!

Once it’s complete, even if you have the old URL, for Eg:
Index of /suse/11.3

It will be redirected to the new URL
Index of /suse/openSUSE_11.3

I have tried the new URL myself and can tell you, there are many packages which are Updates, but equally there are many roll backs.
For those with a working install, I suggest you just leave well alone until things settle down, which may be some time…

New installs with the new repos seem to work fine, as I have tried these also.

Thank you Packman team, your efforts and attention to detail are appreciated by the entire SuSE community.

Also thanks go to Caf4926 and Malcolm for bringing the inequities of the old system fully to light and expediting through to the logical conclusion.

While the world at large on “that other” system just has to suffer through bubblegum and bailing wire “patch Tuesday solutions” our system gets better and more responsive, great job everybody! Thank You!

Here is a comment from Pascal on the Packman ML

Switch Delayed!

We didn’t do the switch to the new repositories today, as was
announced, because Marc and I have been working on how to
properly transfer the repositories from our OBS instance to the
primary server all night, but given the extreme complexity of
the matter, we didn’t manage to get done with it.

We will continue to work on it tonight, and as we managed to at
least find the right concept, it should be working very soon,
hopefully tonight (CET).

JFYI, in essence, the issue is properly synchronizing OBS
pushing with rsync and mirrors pulling from there with rsync.
And now that you think that you have an easy solution, stop
before replying and think about it again :wink:

The plan, right now, is to

  • have our OBS rsync diffs to a staging directory, instead of
    into the real package tree directly (with rsync’s very, very
    neat --compare-dest feature)
  • a cron job on the main server will, on a regular basis:
    • disable/block rsync for our OBS
    • disable/block rsync for the mirrors
    • wait for any running rsyncs to finish
    • rsync locally from the staging tree into the real tree
    • verify and re-sign the packages with the key that is used to
      sign the repository metadata (to avoid the issues people
      have had for so long with the signature verification on our
    • re-enable rsync for OBS and mirrors

The issue, basically, is to have a mechanism that gives a window
of exclusive access to the file trees to that cron job on the
main server, to avoid having incomplete and corrupt repositories
(because e.g. our OBS is pushing files while mirrors are pulling
from the same directory).

If anyone else has an idea how to safely and atomically
lock/sync processes across the network (with only ssh), please
let me know :wink: (and yes, we did try many things before giving
up and choosing to let the cron job cut off rsync for our OBS
instance, including many attempts at ssh’ing with flock etc…).

I have installed Packman in my laptop and it is very stable without problems. I like it.;):slight_smile:

I deleted Packman from my desktop until the situation is resolved. Don’t understand the many updates to VLC and codecs when everything works just fine anyway. :expressionless: :X

+1. Thanx to Packman and His Team…he does have a team right ? :slight_smile:

he does have a team right ? :slight_smile:

You better believe it
Fantastic bunch!

It seems as of that today packman has dropped various package like

==>wordnet etc:

I use the url in the community repositories in YaST.
Will packman restore these application packages after migration :frowning:

Ask in the IRC #packman
Probably just a matter of waiting

Switch Delayed Again:

[packman] Packman repository switch: state of things](

Packman guys at irc say that they would stick mostly to multimedia based packages
Hence i am left in the lurch for software like wordnet , gconf-cleaner,peazip etc: :frowning:
No more packman for utils

It’s to cut down the duplication and focus on packages that can’t be built on OBS… If it’s important, then raise an openFate request to get it included on the openSUSE Build service.
openSUSE:Openfate - openSUSE

peazip packages are available direct… if it doesn’t work raise a bug direct
PeaZip - Free file and archive manager for Linux

gconf-cleaner I can probably create the package for you.

I think wordnet is provided by stardict tools package.

Here is gconf-cleaner; Search Results

peazip rpms from those pages installs
also the noble xarchiver(Index of /distribution/11.3/repo/oss) refuses to work(alawys throughs up its hands and says i cannot extract some xyz file)