Packman repo isn't ready for 15.5 yet??

Title is the question . . . tried to get Packman repo added in YaST and it errors out? Is this something where it has to be added “manually” somehow, or Packman isn’t ready to play with 15.5 at this time??

Packman maintainers and openSUSE mirror maintainers are different groups of people. makes it obvious PM for 15.5 doesn’t yet exist. Check out to see what makes PackMan tick. There’s an IRC channel and a mailing list from which you might determine when to expect its creation.


Thanks for the fast reply . . . it does seem to be taking awhile to get Packman going for 15.5 . . . . Not super critical, I was able to watch a YT video in 15.5 . . . just can’t see video in places like, the Twittererer . . . .

I’ll check the IRC channel at some point. Otherwise, holding my breath . . .

In my experience, when a new version of LEAP is emerging, Packman only becomes available when at least RC1, or even later, comes available. And 15.5 is far away from that as far as I can see.


I guess that is the price for being out on the, um . . . “bleeding edge” of operating systems . . . ??? : - )

When you are already playing with 15.5, you are probably supposed to test it. And of course report any problems. When the product is released you can then have the satisfaction of having contributed to it.


Yep . . . so far, other than no Packman . . . no problems to report or deal with . . . in some sense easier driving with Leap than TW these days . . . .