Packman repo finally installed . . . but still no videos playing in the Twitter?


Got into 15.5 in “alpha” and there was no Packman at that time. A couple weeks back I finally got it to install via YaSt . . . but still, the video posts in the Twitter show as “this is not available”???

I believe in 15.4 simply adding the Packman repos addressed this problem??

You have to switch installed packages to the Packmans ones…

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Please see a repository as a library where you can get books. Simply subscribing as a member to the library does not provide you any books. You have go and get them.

Thus subscribing (not installing) to a repo enables you to install software packages from it. But you must still install them.

In this case you will install those packages you need by doing the “vendor switch”, as mentioned.

HTH in your understanding.

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I’m currently using 15.5, and Twitter videos are working fine.

As others have said, you need to do the vendor switch.

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et al:

OK. Got it, now . . . “change the vendors” . . . .

Didn’t seem to have to do that previously, but memory can be intermittent. Seemed like after adding the Packman that zypper snagged in the packages needed to provide basic video playing . . . ???

That never was the case because zypper (and YaST > Software Management) have no-allow-vendorchange as default. So, even if you run some update that could involve some of those packages (when by incident, the Packman version would be “higher” then the OSS one), no spontanious change would take place.

For me, always immediate after system installation, adding the Packman repo and changing to it (mostly with YaST > Software) is a an automatic action for many years already. Never had any problem using multi-media.


Well . . . my “problem” is that I am running a number of different linux distros on a couple of different machines, usually moving up to “alpha” or in the case of TW, rolling . . . . So I am a “jack of all trades . . .” type, and the details for each of them under the hood remains “fuzzy.”

I did take a few minutes to follow the “YaSt” method to “change the vendors” and it didn’t seem to show the same packages it was installing as in the “zypper” method . . . but, logging out and back in seemed to show moving pictures in the Tweeter’s feed.

Thanks for the hints on it.