Packman repo dep issue

Hi forum,

Its been a while sence I have had any issues and had to post here :).

I reloaded my system the other day and all seemed to go well, however when I add the packman repo and then do a vendor switch to it as I was instructed long ago to do, I get the following error:

Any ideas on how I should proceed? Should I do the recommended option and use the x86 version?


There is a big thread on this and more

You might want to read it all.

I didn’t have issues because I have x264 installed
Not libx264

HI Caf :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I read the thread and opted for the option to “break by ignoring some of its dependencies” as specified by wolfi323]( in the post.

Now, I have this:

zypper verify
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

Problem: nothing provides needed by libquicktime0-1.2.4-61.2.x86_64
 Solution 1: Following actions will be done:
  downgrade of libquicktime0-1.2.4-61.2.x86_64 to libquicktime0-1.2.4-4.1.1.x86_64
  install libquicktime0-1.2.4-4.1.1.x86_64 (with vendor change)  -->  openSUSE
 Solution 2: break libquicktime0-1.2.4-61.2.x86_64 by ignoring some of its dependencies

So, I will patiently wait for the files to be synced :).

You mentioned that you do not use this dependency because you use another package. Is there a way I can use this other package as well to get past this?

Thanks again for the help!

I see now why I don’t have the problem
I have the old dependency too
SUSE Paste
See it showing Red
If I try and delete it, I get the problem you have.

Just wait it out

Here is the 64 bit depend if you want to add it manually to

Extract the file and copy it over

libquicktime0 has been updated in the meantime to use libx264-135. And x264 now also has been upgraded to 0.135.

On my system the only packages still needing libx264-129 are cinelerra and vlc-codecs.
Cinelerra has already been rebuilt for libx264-135 and should be synced out to the mirrors soon though.

So there’s only vlc-codecs left…

And I think I should clarify something:
x264 and libx264 are not interchangeable. They are completely different things.
x264 is a (command line) program to encode video files to the H264/AVC codec.
libx264 is a library for encoding that is used by other programs/libraries.

That’s why x264 doesn’t cause dependency problems (you could even remove it from your system if you don’t want to call it manually, I’m not aware of anything else that uses it), but libx264 does.

It’s all good now from what I see

Yup, just did an update and verify and all seems well again :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help and insight!!!