Packman numbering Opensuse 11.1

I have a question on version numbering in the packman repository for Opensuse. I have some packages installed that seem far more advanced in version numbering then the one in the repository. Did by chance the numbering scheme change over time?

I.e. I have K3b version but the repository offers Is the latter package higher in version number then mine? It is confusing to me to be honest. How can I have such high version numbers for Kaffeine, K3b and some others…?

I also wanted to know if the Opensuse Packman repositories for Kde3.5 are still maintained or if I have to manually check for updates on the packman site.

Look at the version tab it will tell you were you got the package. Maybe you got them from Packman.

Yes I know. They are both from packman. But how is it possible that the one I have on my PC is from packman with a higher version number than any available online? This is what is puzzling me, not the provenience. I have several packman packages with this strange version issue.