Packman MPlayer and Vorbis on 11.2?

I’ve noticed the Packman mplayer’s ffvorbis doesn’t seem to be working on 11.2 (x86)-any vorbis seems to be decoded as very quiet noise that roughly matches the sound that ought to be made. Audio output (-ao) doesn’t make any difference, and I’ve the same problem on three different machines. Xine, vlc, ffplay, etc. all work, as does -afm tremor (the reference decoder) with mplayer. The verbose output from mplayer seems to be the same between these systems and an older 11.0 system with a not-very-recently-upgraded version of mplayer. Unfortunately, packman does not keep old versions of packages, and compiling mplayer is somewhat of a chore, so it is not immediately easy to test an old version of MPlayer on 11.2 for me.

I’m using the samples from Music to test with, so I assume there is nothing peculiar about the files.

Is anyone successfully using current (1.0rc2_r29796) Packman MPlayer to play either vorbis .oggs or video with vorbis audio on 11.2? If so, was it a fresh install or an upgrade system? Architecture? Etc.-I’ve run out of machines to easily test on, and it doesn’t work on any of them.

I realize that this is better-addressed to the Packman mailing list, but very few users seem to read it, and for whatever reason, the packagers never seem to have any problems with their own packages (even when they are clearly broken for many others); so I thought I would give it a try here first.

Whilst it may be bad form to self-reply, should anyone else find themselves with this problem, upgrading to 1.0rc2_r30099 seems to solve it.

Looking elsewhere, there seems to have been a similar issue with WMA files that was also fixed.

It would be nice if upgrading MPlayer weren’t such a gamble, but at least things are working a month later.

I observed the same behaviour with 11.2 and WMA files. But I noted for the WMA it was only for 32-bit PCs and not for 64-bit.

Purportedly this has impacted other Linux distributions, and not just openSUSE.