packman and libdvdss repositories for 13.2

These repositories are shown as community repositories in the YaST “add repositories” menu. When I select them to add them, I get an error message saying that they cannot be added. Is this intended?
Thank you in advance.

A few days ago, that community list was almost empty or did not exist (I don’t remember which).

I guess they have now created the list, but the repos don’t yet actually exist.

Wait a few days, and try again.

openSUSE 13.2 is in flux right up to the week of the release.

Just grab the src rpm and build locally?

I use the Factory repo of Packman and the 13.1 repo of opensuse-guide for libdvdcss.

then i’ll just switch them to the 13.2 versions when they’re available.

Thank you for your help. It is a pity that these repositories are shown as being available when they are not - and are still not available.

It’s beta they will be fixed in the future the infrastructure is being created and it does not come preformed.