Packages got published but don't show up on Download page

Hello. Yesterday I made a package My packages were published for enabled distributions (I can find binary packages if I click on certain distribution and they can be installed via apt-get), but some of enabled distros (Debian and Ubuntu) still don’t show up on “Download package” page. Can it be related to the fact, that I build multiple packages from one source?

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Just a time delay, if you look at the list of distributions and hover over the icon it will give a status, the icon showing the delivery truck, means the repository is published, I think you will find they are all there now. Just remember that home repositories are way down the pecking order as far as priorities go. So if the likes of openSUSE Tumbleweed (Factory) is busy (esp rebuild) then there may be delays.

That’s the thing. I have a truck icon on Debian and Ubuntu packages, as well as “succeded” status. But “Download package” page shows Fedora only. Packages were published correctly, it’s just this particular interface did not get updated for some reason.

Do you use IRC? I would jump on Freenode #opensuse-buildservice or the mailing list… openSUSE:Communication channels - openSUSE to ask if there are issues.

When I try to post a message there, I’m getting an error “Cannot send to nick/channel”. Anyway, is not it better to discuss the issue on the forum? IRC chats are real-time and require user’s presense at the time of the answer, not very convenient.

I see another topic with the similar issue:

Same story: packages have been published, but the Download page does not show them.

Unfortunately the folks that have the access to look at the issue are there :wink: I would try the mailing list then, just make sure the email you send is not html, text only.

I’ve tried to send email to but the mail was denied

The message .... was unable to be
delivered to the list because of an access rule set up by the list

There’s no explanation why the message was denied.

Wrong place… that list is for just for bug report announcements. Try the nomail option ( and send to opensuse-buildservice

I subscribed to opensuse-buildservice using this method, but my messages are still getting denied. I’m using gmail and it sends the mail in both text/plain and text/html forms. Can it be the issue?

Yes, plain text only.

I see it arrived :wink:

Ok, thanks. I had to setup a Thunderbird as gmail seems to not provide an option to send text-only mails. My message was posted and can be seen on maillist.