packages for 11.2???

hey susers… Does anybody know how long it usually takes for All the packages from a previous opensuse version… (11.1) to get ported/repackaged for the current version (11.2)

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for all the hard work done in the community… But opensuse 11.2 has been out a little while now, and I can’t find alot of packages that were available in 11.2 in the official repos, packman, or even the build service… theres a hell of alot missing… I would of thought the new packages would of been rebuilt in time for the final release… :open_mouth:

where as in other distro’s such as, #buntu’s/Mandriva + plf/MIB repo’s enabled… you have every piece of software you could ever dream about ALL the time… theres never any major missing packages even from the first final release… :X

I love Suse… but arghhh, the lack of packages at the moment is really putting me off and is tempting me to go back to mandriva or kubuntu :’(

Well you could use the 11.1 packages you need in 11.2, but it depends on what you really need.
If its nvidia or ATI drivers no I would not use a 11.1 package, but if its something like a kde package or something its worth a try installing, the big issue I see are dependencies.
Plus one click installers too, 11.1 one click installers dont seem to work, wish they did to make work a little easier.

i found a better solution…
"Arch Linux’ rotfl!

kaddy, is this your first openSUSE? These packages are typically done by volunteers in the community, who have day jobs, and other things going on in their life.

My experience is it typically take 1 to 2 months. If after 1 month the package is still missing, and if it is an important package to me, I normally contact the packager of the previous version (in this case 11.1 version), and politely ask if they could do the same for 11.2. One can tell who the packager is for a package by looking at the 11.1 rpm.

My experience is packages for 11.2 is being packaged a LOT faster than for any previous openSUSE version to date.

Hi, I’m an Archer too, and I don’t think that’s a solution. But whatever…
Which packages are you looking for exactly? Most of the repos have been ported to 11.2.

kaddy, since Webpin is not yet ready for 11.2, you could also look here for 11.2 packages:

Another thing I do if I am in a BIG hurry, is grab the .src file from 11.1 and rebuild it for 11.2 . That is as simple as typing:

rpmbuild --rebuild <name-of-application.src.rpm>

that does not always work, but it often does.

But as noted, just give this some time.

I often recommend users wait a month or two before installing a new openSUSE release, but not every one listens to that recommendation.

kaddy, often the package is available for 11.2 but it is not showing up yet on a search engine. One way to find it is to do a search for the 11.1 version. Then locate the server where the 11.1 version is located, and change 11.1 to 11.2 in the URL to get the 11.2 server and check to see if the rpm is on the 11.2 server.

I don’t know about anyone else but I just upgraded to openSUSE 11.2 and even though I have packman set as a repository I can’t get amarok from it, because its trying to take the OSS version. Also I can’t get rpmbuild -bb to work anymore. We always left out %install line blank, but now BUILDROOT is used instead of BUILD for the placement of files, so its horrible. As usual NVIDIA never works on the Dell XPS, you’ve to build the modules into the kernel from a NVIDIA website version. So its a great OS, better than 11.1, not!

You should start a new thread on your 11.2 amarok problem.

I have amarok running on 11.2 on 4 PCs with NO problem. I did nothing special other than setup 4 repos (and only 4) with those 4 being OSS, Non-OSS, Update and Pacman, and then selected amarok for install. Amarok “just” works on those PCs.

So clearly it is possible.

Again, you should start a new thread on your 11.2 amarok problem. Clearly this is NOT the thread (with a general "packages for 11.2 ??? title) to be looking for an amarok specific solution/help to a problem that most users do not have.

Please start a new thread, and I am confident many users will try help you.