Packages are not published.

Packages are not being published on the download server.
They are being build and you can download them in the details page but they are not available on the repo servers…

Can anybody confirm?

Thnx !

Which packages in which repo?

The publisher was running slow the other day, possibly disk space related and would assume home repos go down the priority list…

Repository I checked:


The Leap 15.0 repo is not up to date but contains all the packages. (gitaly, gitlab-ce,gitlab-config-postgresql-apache and some gems)
The Leap 42.3 repo is not up to date and some packages are even missing. (gitaly, gitlab-ce,gitlab-config-postgresql-apache and some gems)

Seems like the last update of the repositories was on the 21 februari…
Last build is of today…

Now checking all my other repos.