PackageKit Error

The error message Reads:

An Internal System Error has occurred
A problem that we were not expecting has occurred.
Please report this bug with the error description

More Details
repo-non-oss: Valid metadate not found at specified URL(s)

I take it that the url of one of the repositories has changed but that is just a beginner’s guess.

How do I fix it?

Are you actually running version 11.0 of openSUSE as described in your signature? 11.0 has been out of support for some time now, therefore the respective repositories do not exist anymore. You should install a current version of openSUSE.

Well … Duh … What can I say?

I installed it a couple of years ago and have used it trouble-free since then. It spoiled me into thinking it would just run forever. I am downloading 11.3 at this moment.

Keep up the good work.