PackageKit Error: Security trust relationship not present

After booting my Opensuse 11 system this morning, I got the following error message:

PackageKit Error: A security trust relationship is not present

A security trust relationship could not be made with software source. Please check your security settings.

More details:

For repo /var/cache/zypp/raw/openSUSE-11.0-Updates8aaf3Y/repodata/primary.xml.gz ef6378b34f6863236373937e1482b8fb8bd4c752 is requested but 99cafad09da6d19a77ffeb7ca7da895ed1a98a24 was found!

Interestingly enough, there isn’t even an “openSUSE-11.0-Updates8aaf3Y” folder at the location mentioned on my system. Possibly a temporary folder of the updater running in the tray?

An update last night (ldap client) went (apparently) fine.

Running “Update System” manually after getting the error message above also went (apparently) fine (several updates including kernel update).

Has anybody come across the error message above? What does it mean? Does it indicate a security problem?

Many thanks for any insight! :slight_smile:

open yast - repositories and check your repos

if in doubt delete and add again

The main ones are here
Package Repositories - openSUSE