Packagekit connects to strange host after fresh install

Hi all,

I just installed Leap 15.1 and after the first login into the kde desktop it said there where allot of updates waiting for my installation.

The sha256sum of the downloaded image I used for the installation checked out good.

First I did a:

sudo lsof -i

to see what connections where active to where cause I have not used OpenSUSE in years and was a bit paranoid.

One of the connections of packagekit was to:

TCP my_local_ip:54422->-> (SYN_SENT)

Doesn’t look like a normal mirror address to me.

Is this normal? Is this host trustworthy?

Likely a load balancer for the mirror it’s in that domain (…

Trustworthy comes from the checks (gpg signature, checksums, etc). So that should not be a concern.