Package-update-indicator removed

Today’s update removed package-update-indicator. What is supposed to replace it? I can’t find any developer comments about this anywhere.

Use zypper dup for upgrade. When the devs of this widget will adapt it for Plasma 6 it may return in a future update.
The development of this widget kind of stopped…that means its dev did not adapt it for Plasma 6.

Thanks, I always use zypper dup to perform the update. The indicator let’s me know when an update is available and how large it is.

Someone needs to step in and fix this package so that it builds again.

$ osc rq list -s accepted -t delete openSUSE:Factory package-update-indicator
1157118  State:accepted   By:anag+factory When:2024-03-14T16:44:06
        Created by: manfred-h
        delete:                                                             openSUSE:Factory/package-update-indicator
        Review by User       is accepted:  licensedigger(licensedigger)                      
        Review by User       is accepted:  factory-auto(factory-auto)                        
        Review by Group      is accepted:  factory-staging(anag+factory)                     
        Review by Package    is accepted:  X11:xfce/package-update-indicator(tiwai)          
        Review by Project    is accepted:  openSUSE:Factory:Staging:adi:34(anag+factory)     
        Descr: This package no longer builds for Factory/Tumbleweed/Slowroll
               since the recent update of the gettext-runtime package containing
               the "msgfmt" program.  Since this package only works properly on
               openSUSE Leap and is not suggested/recommended/required by any
               XFCE pattern on Factory/Tumbleweed/Slowroll, it ought to be
        Comment: Staging Project openSUSE:Factory:Staging:adi:34 got accepted. 


You can install “discover6-notifier” if you only need the indicator.

But it will pull in discover.

You can use RSS feeds to be notified when a new snapshot is released, here is the one with Dimstar activity on the forum for example

Or alternatively the one for the factory mailing list, which is not limited to snapshot released related posts

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