Package Update Indicator on openSUSE TW Xfce

Knowing the Package Update Indicator icon on the Xfce panel is for notification about new package updates in openSUSE TW Xfce ?


I’m not sure what the question is.

The update indicator should tell you about packages for your system (not just for xfce). It should report what is already installed on your system that needs to be updated.

Thanks for the answer.
My question is whether it is for security package and application updates ?

In openSUSE KDE you have the updater icon in the tray always informing when there are new updates.
The Package Update Indicator on openSUSE TW Xfce has the same function ?

In any case, you should be doing a zypper dup and not using the updater icon because you’re on Tumbleweed!

Disregard my previous info. Found out that the updater has been fixed to allow Tumbleweed users to do the same as Leap users. Now I, and you, know.

Has it for non Plasma users?

I did understand that only for KDE/Plasma and for Gnome.

It realy depends on what tha applet is capable of, so it matters with applet you have.

(I have none and Packagekit is not installed on the systems I manage, but that is personal preference).

Just trying to help the fellow out. I’m on 15.1 and KDE/plasma.

As far as I know, yes. The update indicator is just a GUI front end for package-kit. And package kit uses “libzypp” behind the scenes.

Whether the xfce update indicator can be relied on for Tumbleweed – that, I do not know. But, in all honest, it is best to update Tumbleweed with “zypper dup” at the root command line.

Thanks for the explanations.

Thanks for the explanations.

Thank you for the tips.