Package requests for official repos?

Is there something like in the Arch Linux User Repository where you can request/vote for packages to be added to the main repos? I know about openSUSE Factory but that is still not official lol. And for some free software I really don’t get why it isn’t in the repos like onlyoffice-desktopeditors, there’s no Linux distro besides PCLinuxOS that actually has it in the official repos and onlyoffice really shouldn’t be that unpopular

Then you need to define “official” first.

Because nobody invested time in packaging and maintaining it.

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Well you’re right openSUSE:Factory is an “official” repository. What I had in mind was the repo.

I “get” why it’s not included, and you just admitted it in your comment. You state that,
there’s no Linux distro besides PCLinuxOS that actually has it …”

To me, PCLinuxOS isn’t the distro that defines what applications end-users want. Personally, I’ve been around the open-source world since the early days … and as far as distros go, I started with Slackware, then moved to “S.u.S.E Linux” with its first release as version 4.2 (yea, 4.2, go figure) :slight_smile:

In all that time, I’ve tried all the various upper-end user and business applications. I do remember OnlyOffice (originally called TeamLab), and gave it a try. It wasn’t “mature enough” compared to others.

If you look at the timeline of OnlyOffice, it has been slow to adopt various technology. People aren’t going to wait around until they adopt “xxx” technology - folks are going to use what works, like LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice, or even some well-known online office apps.

The bottom line is, there’s not enough interest for a distro organization to adopt some software to default repos because a handful of folks want it :+1:


You can get OnlyOffice from OnlyOffice as .deb, .rpm, Flatpak, Snappack, AppImage…

Looked a little bit further, because I did not find any distribution which builds OnlyOffice from sources.

Look at the spec file inside .src.rpm, pclos-onlyoffice-desktopeditors-nosrc.spec


pushd %{_sourcedir}
wget -nc{version}/DesktopEditors-x86_64.AppImage

They just repackage the AppImage from OnlyOffice into a .rpm.