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Hi all,
I found interesting program on odvr - Google Code which is able to manage Olympus digital voice recorders (no mass storage devices) in Linux. However, only Debian package or source are available so it is a little bit difficult. I managed to get the driver work in opensuse but not the gui, so it is only possible to download the recordings via terminal.

Is there any relative easy possibility to get package for Opensuse? In my opinion, this program would be very useful to have it in repository.

PS: I am not programmer, and do not have experience with compiling.

Did you try downloading the archive version source and compile?

Gui? What Gui?

Thank you for the package.

About the gui:

Comment 14 by conor.home, Apr 18, 2008

I have attached a tarfile which includes a gui. It still needs some cleanup and
extra work, but the basic functions are there. I have included everything from in the tarfile even if there are no changes to some files.

I used this as an exercise for myself to get some familiarity with GTK. I may not
have used the best widgets for the various jobs. I welcome any pointers where things
could be improved.

I have made minor change to odvrdrv.h:

  • Add ODVR_FOLDER_S - Nothing uses this, but included for completeness. Perhaps it
    might be better to remove all except ODVR_FOLDER_A instead, which is the only one used.
  • Changed ODVR_NUM_FOLDERS from 5 to 4 - The change from 0.1.4 to no longer
    needed 5 folders.
  • Added ODVR_QUALITY_NUM - I use this in the gui when selecting by quality.

Considerable changes to Makefile. I have not yet included a rule for an odvrgui.x86.

New files: gui.c, odvr_date.[ch], odvr_gui.[ch] icons/.png icons/.xcf

Work that I plan to complete:

  • General cleanup
  • Check for and fix memory leaks
  • When clearing a folder, remove the files from the view.
  • Add help->about
  • Add select->by date
  • Add configuration file. Save settings (destination directory, etc) between sessions.
  • Improve the progress bar. At present this is based only on the number of files, not
    on the size of the files. The granularity could be improved by hooking into the
    olympusdrv.c, but I don’t want to effect the cli code.
  • Sort files in folders by length, date, and quality.
  • Configure different date formats.
  • Add a Makefile rule for odvrgui.x86.
  • Search alternative directories for icons. Currently icons should be in
    /usr/local/icons. If they are not installed, the gui will only run if you start it
    in the icon directory.
    Any other suggestions for improvements are welcome.

There are some things that I have not been able to test. The options for folder D
and S should only appear when the relevent model is attached. I have tested it with

410 KB

My brother tried to compile it but with no success.

PS: Sorry, I forget, that this download link is not on the main page.

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